iPhone 5s Bringing New Technology to the Consumer

by Matthew Pellicer on September 11, 2013 - 11:30am

With the launch of the iPhone 5s comes the launch of a new technology that hasn’t been very available for everyone. Biometrics used to be something that we saw in movies and would secure the most dangerous or precious of items.

As we use our smartphones for almost everything in our lives such as email, banking and work, a simple password is just not enough anymore. We have come to a point that these devices that we keep in our pockets and bring around everywhere carry all of our personal information and that if it ended up in the wrong hands, the person who took it could steal our identity within a few hours. This is where Apple introduces “Touch ID” which does exactly what its name says it does, it recognizes your fingerprint. Although it is the more secure of the biometric ways, it still has flaws. First thing that probably comes to your mind is the typical movie scene where someone gets their finger cut off to be able to get through a fingerprint scanner. Let’s face it, no one is going to cut off your finger to get into your phone but they could get your fingerprint off of something you touched and then fool the scanner.

I find that it’s good to finally have fingerprint scanners because it makes phones more secure mostly when they are lost. At least now you won’t have someone going through a lost and found saying they lost something that never really was theirs.


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