Ignored effects of Pollution upon our Health!

by PedgeRuest on October 23, 2013 - 12:30pm

What most of the population tends to forget is that pollution is not only harmful to the environment! The increase of pollutions in our society have severe negative effects of the health of the population living in that area. However, how severe is “severe”?

Based on studies the increase in air pollution causes the development of several health problems in children and adults, for example; asthma and lung cancer. Canada is still known to generally having a clean environment, however how severe is “severe”? Based on statistics, around 21 000 people in Canada die each year due to the air pollution they were exposed to. In comparison to the numbers of death due to traffic accidents that seems to be very important to society, the number of deaths due to air pollutions is about 9 times greater. Most of these individuals were concluded to be living close to highways and major urban roads where most of the high levels of pollution comes from. Therefore society as a whole should try and reduce as emissions, try preventing traffic because the longer you are on the road, the more gas your car is emitting, and etc. The solutions to this problems is the same to the solutions to keeping the environment healthy!

Therefore how severe  is “severe”? Based on the statistics provided I strongly believe that it is one of the most important issues in our society! If we concentrate on an issue that has 9 times less deaths, then this is for sure a very important issue as well because it’s not only effecting the health of the population but of the environment as well! Society should continue working to the decrease of the emissions because it causes a double advantage! In addition, even if this site gives logical information, it lacks references therefore the readers do not know where the information is coming from, therefore just for that reason it makes the article weak.



As a population, it is our duty to get informed about what could put in danger our civilization or population. As a group, we need to step up and try to do something, and that starts with getting information on how the danger creates itself and how can we stop it or decrease its effects on us. For that, there is plenty of websites, books and article to which we can refer and learn about the subject. Now, what endangers us is global warming, due to excessive pollution. Our focus must be on this, composting or recycling are ways to decrease pollution , less consummation is another way to decrease global warming or pollution. We also need to know what is climate changing? As we know more and more about the subject we are able to find more and more solutions. So We need to stick together as a worldwide population and do something about what's harming us.
For more information on global warming and climate change visit: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/climate-change/science/climate-change-...

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