Human death after bee extinction ?

by Laurence Morin-Emond on September 11, 2013 - 12:29pm

In the past few years, the proverb “without bees we die” has starting to be a reality.  The problem of bee diminution will have to be resolve in the near future. More than one-third of the honeybees die each year; sure they reproduce, but it stays a negative result. Scientifics are currently and for a long time ago, research about “Why does the honeybees die by millions, each years?” There’s no answer!


Honey bees are spreading pollen to fruits, plants, and flowers male parts to female parts. This is essential, for the nature life, but for our life too. First of all, bees make the reproduction of trees (pollination), who filter air. Without them it would probably have no life on earth, even for fish. Second, they polonies fruits, vegetables and produce honey; fruit are clearly one of the first thing human starting to eat. We need it, even if we don’t realise it. Fruits give us water and natural sugar.


The same problem is heard for the Monarch butterfly; who have been reduce of more than 90% of their population. For them too, there is no reason of the extinction threat.  However, the Monarch inherit of a protection law. Even if some of the honey bees are places in manage beekeeper, I think the government should pass rules on bees protection, and really look where is the real problem. Actually, the air conditions are not good, even for humans, asthma is one of the effect. For bees and Monarch, this is probably fatal. The pollution is at one of his higher point; the industries are producing and producing. Did we really need that, especially if we think that in the next years, it will kill us?

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