How selfish are we?

by m-a.soucisse on October 2, 2013 - 11:30pm

In Canada we have the incredible opportunity to live with free universal health care.  We live on this nice little cloud where hospitals are free and specialists can be appointed to us when needed.  This isn't the case for third world countries who live under horrible health conditions.

In fact, nearly 45% of deaths in Africa and South East Asia are caused by infectious disease that can be respiratory, diarrhoeal and etc.  Also, out of the 36 million people infected by AIDS/HIV, 25 million are from sub-Saharan Africa.  These diseases and death are caused by connected factors like poverty, no access to sanitary water, lack of health professionals and medicine and much more.  Public health then decreases causing the majority of the population to grow sick.  Medication is unacessable because of the patents laid by first world countries like the U.S and Australia, preventing third world countries to use the same process as these countries use.  So developing countries now have to reverse process drugs with very few limited resources.  Afterwards the drug can also fail or not work for that very simple reason.

How is it that we defend third world countries and pity them when in reality, we are preventing them from being healthy.  Artists and countries have pledged millions to bring safe drinking water and good medication to third world countries, but of course, we can't just simply tell them how to do the medication for themselves and help them with that process.  In reality, we're being selfish in a way.  We could very well hand in some patents to these countries so they can grow healthier.  But then again acoording to many people in the medical field, that would be unfair to some firms because that would very much be like giving their secrets away.  It's a fair point, but do third world countries know better?  I mean it's quite obvious that given the resources and technology they could come up with their own ideas, but they have neither the technology or the resources.  Rather then only donating, we should also help more into building an efficient health care system in these countries so they can at least start up and develop their societies.

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