How Does Our Planet Warm Itself Up?

by alexandregarceau on October 30, 2013 - 11:39am

Global warming is a huge aspect in everyone’s life right now. Why? Because it touches and harms every single human being on this planet. Do we need to do something? Absolutely! Before beginning to search for information about how to stop it, we should instead try to find information on how did the danger created itself.


In David Suzuki’s article on climate change, he stipulates that global warming is a frequently spoken aspects of any society on planet earth and that there is a lot of information on it. It also presents that people do know in general what caused it but they don’t precisely know. Suzuki then lists the causes and how do they happen following by who keeps tab on climate change. If you are reading my article right now I would really like for you to see the linked article below and to go inform yourself or even your friends to what is happening right now. I would really like you to take out that global warming and climate change is human made! No one else is to blame but us. This site explains how our planet is naturally conceived to keep warmth in our atmosphere and that right now we are unnaturally heating it even more which has risen the temperature on earth by 0.7 degrees since 1900.Get informed, do something.


I agree with you on this article. Everyone is guilty because of the global warming and it affects all of us. It is important to do something and we must start right now if we want to improve the environmental crisis. I found that what you said about how to “ stop ”the global warming is maybe not the good word to use. I would have written to stop increasing the global warming, rather than to stop it. I think it is really possible to improve! Stop it, it will be difficult, so we must start by at least improve it. I agree with you with the fact that we should instead try to find information on how did the global warming is created in first. By doing this, we can change see what activities are affecting the most our environment and how we could change it. We can do small changes to improve the environmental case. The article you chose is good I went on the link and I’m sure about the reliability of it because David Suzuki wrote it. By the fact that he explains the natural process of the planet to keep warm in atmosphere it helps us to understand well the global warming. Relating to this article, which talks about the global warming and climate change you can find interesting to go and see the link below. It talks about the actions of Greenpeace to stop the Global Warming.

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