Hope for Paralyzed Patients?

by PedgeRuest on August 28, 2013 - 12:16pm

As amazed as the patients themselves, the futuristic technology team, neurologists and computer robotic experts may have just found a new way to paralyzed patient’s independence. Brown University, the Department of Veteran Affairs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School all worked together to creating a sensor which allows paralyzed patients operate a robotic arm simply with their thoughts.

Already experimented on two patients, one of which is named Cathy Hutchison. The patient was to be implanted a sensor in her brain which would enable the neurons to function based on the patient’s thoughts. It is reported that there has have positive outcomes on the experiment, however this new discovery is still under development. Mrs. Hutchison states to feeling “a great sense of independence”.  

To my knowledge, I think this is a great discovery because it gives hope to those who have lost all of their functions. Knowing that you haven’t ended up in a dead end is reassuring in the way that you can still go on with your life and that you can still live independently.  It’s always exciting to hear that there are people out there discovering new ways to make society a better place for all types of issues.


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