Homophobia, a sign of homosexuality ?

by fleming.Shamuel on November 6, 2013 - 12:17pm

Homosexuality, about 10% of the total population is targeted by this “mutation” if we shall call it that way. Being gay or lesbian is basically is our genes, in our DNA. Homosexuality can then be seen as the evolution of our kind. Of course, the main purpose of living is to procreate babies and the babies, when its time, do the same. Unfortunately, with that difference came a emotion, a feeling called Homophobia. Based on hatred and negative attitudes towards homosexuals, this emotion is not very accepted in the LGBT community and for good reasons ! At first, homophobia was empowered by religion. Being gay was not what god “intended” for humans so it was not accepted. Millions of gays across the entire planet couldn’t even live in peace with who they were for centuries. Fortunately, society has made a huge leap in acceptance of differences but Homophobia remains a problem. Being a more advanced society, we are now able to conduct research towards those emotions and reluctant feelings towards differences of human kinds ! Studies shows that Homophobia is, in some case related to homosexuality it self. 



People may have heard before of those who are negative or even violent toward homosexuals may actually be homosexual ! The principle is very simple, at teenage hood, gays realize that they are in fact gay and they do not know what do to with such information ! They do not accept themselves and instead of trying to make peace with themselves, they instead hide as much of it as possible by hating it; provoking homophobia. In the Article “Study: Homophobia is often a sign of latent homosexuality”, the author explains that homophobia is more prevalent in people who have an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who openly criticized LGBT people and culture(1). The intention of the study was to examine the role that the parents had in the formation of fear and hatred of LGBT people. In other words, kids that have homophobic parents will most likely repress their “different” sexual orientation to others by practicing the same hate than their parents ! Of course this leads to a lot of psychological problems ! The kid that is slowly evolving into an adult wont be able to have a steady relationship because first of all, he wont be attracted by the other sex and also, by rejecting his/her sexual orientation, he is rejecting who he/her is and that can lead to much bigger problems !


In a second article, similar to the one in the first paragraph, the author speculate that the idea of using Homophobia to hide the true self of yourself can be in fact used but it is not always the case, some straight humans really have a profound hate against the LGBT community. In the peer-revised article: “Is Homophobia Associated with an Implicit Same-Sex Attraction?” by Cara C. MacInnis and Gordon Hodson, there is a lot of studies that goes in favour of the idea (thesis) but some goes against. One of the studies that got my attention was a study directed by Adams, Wright, and Lohr. They measured homophobic and non-homophobic men’s penile tumescence in response of sexual videos. They four that homophobic men experienced increased penile tumescence in response to videos (2). In other words, homophobic mens had an erection while watching same sex pornographic videos ! Another study, later in the article comes to say that having an erection is not only due to a reaction to a stimulus (in which case pornographic videos). It can indeed represent negativity towards homosexuals. 






Overall, the two articles are very much the same. They both support the same thesis and they both talk about studies that were made to prove the thesis. Although those two articles are very good, the article 2 presented much more studies opposed to the first article who only presented one! Also, the second article presented studies that were both in favour and against the thesis. The number of sources in the second article was significantly bigger than the number of sources in the first article. Overall, being two good articles, the article number two is much more complete than the article number one ! 


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