Heavy Duty Earbuds

by maxime.rousseau on October 23, 2013 - 10:23pm


One of the most annoying things when listening music is a earphone themselves. Either they are cheap and don’t have a good sound quality or they are expensive by they break easily because of an incident (you walk on them for example). As big listener of music I get really frustrated when they randomly stop working and I have to pay another 50 bucks to listen quality music.


The company RHA decided to create “heavy duty” earbuds.  These ones are made with stainless steel and not with plastic. They are way stronger than usual earbuds and also provide a great sound. The only problem of this item is its price. It will cost approximately 130 $ witch is a lot to listen music… At least they will provide a 3year guaranty. We just have to wait to see if the product will be a success or a failure.


I really found this case really interesting. Companies are able to find specific “needs” and make products to satisfy the population while making product. It is a simple idea and they will probably make millions of dollars out of this product. It is funny that people can make a living from other people stepping on their earphones and breaking them. This is the link to an article about this product:


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