Guns for Protection...Not

by maxime.rousseau on September 11, 2013 - 10:47pm


Newtown, Connecticut. Aurora, Colorado. These two towns have a common link: they have been victims of innocent people mass shootings. One have been in an elementary school and the other one in a theater making a lot of death and a lot of tears for the entire world. The weapon of the crime: guns.

However some people still think this is not enough and we should be able to carry guns. In Colorado (the same state the mass murder in the theater happened), two member of senate decided to make new law to avoid theses types of tragedy. Nevertheless, the majority of voters disagreed with them.

This is totally insane. How could you still support gun when children are buried because of that. If no one can wear them, there is no point to protect yourself from the other gun users. Guns don’t have any advantages: they only cause violence, pain and incidents. This is a common thing to see on the news a child shooting someone because he didn’t know how to use it or a crazy guy who tries to kill innocent citizens. We should ban them. This is the link to an article about the Colorado’s gun case:


Guns are clearly not safe and should be kept in the hands of security officers and people that are actually licensed for hunting in legal places. They should be banned in any other context. Some people like to argue that gun control actually helps to prevent gun violence and etc. The link to this comment shows some statistics about gun control in America. The state where there is the most gun control is California, yet how is it that they have the most gun homicides in the U.S. Gun control as failed time and time again because we live in a corrupted system. The dilemma isn't only in the U.S: in Canada a lot of people believe that guns should be banned. Yet Stephen Harper and the conservatives are saying that the gun control as been working but like most of what Mr.Harper says, it's false and very superficial. The gun industry makes a lot of companies all around the world and that's why guns won't be banned. It is sad to know that gun violence may never end

I agree completely that guns are simply weapons meant to kill, but the perspective of a lot of Americans needs to be looked into. A lot of these people have been brought up in a gun culture based society; for those people, guns represent a value their nation was built on, freedom. Owning a firearm might not make a person freer, but if that’s what the person believes it would be hard for them to give up the weapon.

While I do agree, mostly, with what has been said the fact remains that a large proportion of the guns in the United States and Canada were brought in illegally by criminals, gangs and drug traffickers. The members of government who come up with these new gun laws are trying to find a solution that would result in the best consequences, that being reduced deaths due to guns. This consequentialist approach, although valid, because it would reduce the number of guns in households and would raise the difficulty in trying to get a gun legally, does not account for the fact that it would not make it any more difficult for a criminal to get a gun. If someone wants to buy a gun with the sole purpose of killing someone, they can always manage to find an array of guns on the black market. The proposed gun laws, although effective to a degree, are only taking guns away from ordinary people and not mass murdering criminals. If a psychopath breaks into someone’s house with a knife or a gun, the owners of the house have little to no protection against him without a gun. If ordinary people are left the right to buy guns for their homes for protection then these kinds of occurrences would be far and few between.

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