GTA V: N for No one

by m-a.soucisse on September 25, 2013 - 11:57pm

I will admit to the guilty pleasure of playing Grand Theft Auto V.  It's a fun game and I have enjoyed it so far.  But if we take a step back, we must realise that such games shouldn't be made.  People, please keep an open mind.

It's hard to say, but GTA V is nearly sadistic.  Of course, you get to kill people, steal cars, go to strip joints, steal banks.  Hell the game as made it it's sole and only goal to entertain us through violence, humour and yes, nudity.  Are we crazy for playing such games and is it wrong?  Some people played the game one through five and are not complete psychopats or serial killers.  Studies in the matter of violence in the entertainment are very cliché: always heading towards the spiraling fact that it changes us and exposes us to a world of danger.  What I believe is that even thoe the game is virtual, we have to say that it's weird to be hapy about stealing and killing.  When playing with friends, it's like we always get this kind of thrill, we push ourselves and enjoy ourselves at the game.  It's fun but then I remember that I'm basically rooting for headshots and theft.  Same could be said with action movies and even T.V series.  It's like we've accepted the fact that violence is part of our entertainment, when it actually shouldn't be.  Anyway, the link I left leads to some of the gameplay of GTA V.  I was stoked about it at first, but after a few replays it definitly leaves me thinking about our society.  Hater are gonna hate, but man this game should much rather be rated N for No one.


Yes, they are really fun games but the entire premise of the game is to steal cars, kill people, rob banks, highjack planes and boats and completely terrorize anything and anyone that you want. To the average sensible adult that should have no real impact on their lives but if you give this game to children I feel like it can and will most probably seriously affect them and their futures.

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