Greedy Company

by fangjun9608 on September 25, 2013 - 12:34pm

The new GTA 5 has been the hottest topic of gaming these days. I mean literally everyone is talking about this game. The company Rockstar has made over 1 billion dollar in just three days which makes the fastest sell of games of all time. The fact that this article shows us how in our society is all about making profits.



This article talks about the release of the new game GTA 5 and people found some flaws in the game which is pretty problematic to all the gamers. Apparently, the online option of this game, gamers can buy game money with real cash. This is rather unusual for a game on console because most of the games where you have to pay to gain advantage are games on the computer.


I personally think that the Rock Star shouldn’t have done this because it usually ruins the fun of all the people who already paid 60-70$ for the game. When a game gives you the option to pay game money in exchange for real money it gives significant advantage to players who bought game money. This term is called “pay to win”. But, this article might not be true because the author’s reference is not good. The author wrote the article by looking at a post from a random person in a forum website.



I understand your frustration as a gamer myself. I m sharing your point of view on the fact that 70 $ is way enough for a game and it is unfair when people buy money cash with real money. Therefore Rockstar is a company and their first goal is to make money. They will try everything to get some money even if they achieve a record value sale of 1 billions dollar in 3 days. This is just insane for a violent and unethical game like that… The only thing is you don’t absolutely have to buy game cash to be able to play online. This type of money can be achieved within the game during races, doing stick-ups and more. The money they are collecting is not only going in Rockstar pockets; it is also going in the support of the online servers and improvements. So you can just be patients and you will benefit of the support financed by the other players ;) . For more information about the GTA 5 online’s micro transactions you can visit:

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