God or Evolution

by alexandregarceau on September 11, 2013 - 12:08pm


God or evolution? Belief or facts? Which is right and which is wrong? These are questions that every single person could answer differently and in its own way. Scientific methods are defined as: “The collection of data through observation and experimentation…” which is probably the most commonly shared idea in the scientific community. Evolution is, in its own way, the scientific answer for creation. But what if it wasn’t?

This short documentary presents a new idea on what is evolution. Ray Comfort starts posing very, as we can say, general questions. As the questions multiplies during the documentary, the students or teachers, who consider themselves as “real” atheist, starts doubting there knowledge of evolution.

 As young students or any other person in life, we should really stay open minded towards these kinds of subjects (evolution, god, etc…).I would really like the atheist reader to watch this short documentary. As an atheist myself, I started doubting my beliefs during and after I watched this short movie. It really makes you think about whether evolution is true or just a simple belief. I really think that evolution is due to facts found by scientific methods and that God has nothing to do with it but who am I to say such a thing? Humans in general are too lazy to find the answers of humanity and why? Because faith is the way, which humanity seeks, as to find a way out of knowledge and the evaluation of evidence.



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