Global Warning

by alexandregarceau on September 25, 2013 - 12:01pm

Hurricanes, tornados, tropical depressions, increasing temperature (and the list goes on…). These catastrophes are all a products of one same problem: Global Warming. Our planet is literally degrading. NASA, National Geographic and other important environmental institutes are, at this very moment, trying to calculate precisely when is the day D.

This NASA article stipulates that global warming is not at our doors anymore, it is part of our lives. NASA, based on the recent numbers of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), are stating that the temperature is increasing and it won’t stop doing so. In fact, the article forecasts a temperature rise of 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century, which is highly dangerous for the ecosystems, animals and nature in general. We have to do something and by sharing this article, I can sleep tonight thinking that I made my contribution for the day.

I choose this article because of its reliable informations, its simplicity (so that everyone can CLEARLY understand what the problem is.) and its credibility (statements from the IPCC, NASA, etc…).I know that everyone are bored by those kind of articles because we see them a lot, but it is very important to be informed about what is going on on planet earth! We need to do something and fast or we’re going to lose our beautiful planet. We don’t get any second chance, if we miss it, tough luck!




I’m thinking the same way as you, Global warming is really present in our life and we can’t ignore it anymore.

Small lifestyles changes can help to Global Warning. It was well explained what is the Global Warming. As you said, we (including me) find information about this subject boring and repetitive, but the majority of us don’t make any changes. Even after all this reminders of the dangers Global Warming. We can’t stop the temperature rise but we can help not to increase it. This is clearly related to the dangers of the ecosystem and the animals. This is why I totally agree with your article. We need to change our habits and think about how the future will be affected if we change nothing in our lifestyles.

We see in this link from the National Geographic a reliable resource, other bad effects of Global warming. There is on this website, many reasons why we should care about Global Warming.

I can completely agree with you. We are not waiting for global warming to arrive; we are living in the era of global warming. And this phenomenon is explained by Al Gore, a global warming expert. Imagine there is a room, and it’s very hot inside. When you will enter it, you will feel the heat. But if I place you in the room, and gradually heating it, you will only realize it is very hot when you will reach the high degrees. And that’s what happening in our days. We sit here, waiting, but not noticing that the problem is getting bigger and bigger. When we will notice it, it will be too late. We say to the nation to react, but this is just not working. IF everyone would listen to Al Gore’s film about global warming, people would do anything to save the planet. Check out this link, it is an interview with Al Gore, where he is explaining the sad truth about global warming.

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