Global Warming

by fleming.Shamuel on September 11, 2013 - 11:42am


We all heard of this term “Global Warming” and we are all aware of its meaning. We all know right now, under our very eyes, the planet earth is taking severe damage because of what we do in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we barely do anything to counter this world-wide problem. People says: “Of course we do care about the planet” and when I ask what car they have, they answer things like Mercedes or BMW.. and when I ask what they think about public transport (transit) they all say they barely or never use it !


The fact is, the planet is warming up ! The world-wide mercury is already up more than 1 degree Fahrenheit and some impact are already showing ! Already, you can see that the ice is melting worldwide (especially at the Earth’s poles), some species are slowly disappearing like penguins! Researcher Bill Faser has tacked the decline of penguins in Antarctica and declare that the total penguin number dropped from 32 thousands to 11 thousands in 30 years. This number is way to small if you ask me ! Because the ice is melting, the sea level is rising drastically and it might lead to flooded shores. I mean we need to do something about this ! The world is dying under our very eyes and we still give me importance to what we will put in our sandwich for the next day ! Hello ?! Wake-up, think about our future !!


If global warming keeps going at this alarming rate, we will see the sea level rise between 7 and 23 inch in OUR century (not the next one). Not only that, hurricanes and other storms will be more likely to become stronger, ecosystem will change, some species will have to evolve or else they will be led to extinction ! Also, some disease will spread and will be stronger than our average viruses ! Think about it, this is all because of us, humans ! 


The world is slowly getting destroyed and yet, we do not have any knowledge about another planet earth elsewhere. Scientists says that if the entire population would have the same level of life than the north american citizen, it would take 8 planets to provide enough of everything to survive ! So, my advice is: don’t try to change everything in your life but please, ask yourself when you are about to buy something (example: a new iPod) : do I really need a second iPod to replace my old one ? Do I really need this high performance car or I could just use the transit system instead ? Those actions will maybe not solve the problem but they will at least slow the global warming process so our children can have a decent planet to live on after us.



I agree with you completely. I think the world is not aware about what it’s happening. There are a lot of things we can do, and we’re not doing anything!

We can fight with our government for a better environment, and try to provide the good information to others. Be informed is an important step. We must do things by our own, recycle, and use reusable bottles instead of plastic. Have a more healthy diet is good for us and for the world. Use the public transport or an electric car. Turn off the lights!

We can do everything or decide to do not do anything. People should be more alert about what is happening, start to think in the future instead of being so selfish. You and I know what it must be done, it’s our job to transmit this knowledge and share our worries. The young people must take care of this very important business. The planet needs us.

This link shows more useful advises to help fight the global warming.

I completely agree with you , I think that one of the worlds problem is that some country's or persons are not as informes as we would like them to be ! we need to share this idea! sharing websites, fight the government and more ! The planet is going to warm up more and more ( 2 to 10 degrees Celsius in the next century according to NASA and IPCC). The more we know and the more who knows , the better this planet is going to be. This website is a great one to share and it is very reliable and credible. We created this problem, we need to fix it!

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