Focusing on MLS

by Laurence Morin-Emond on September 25, 2013 - 10:04pm

Montreal Impact had played their fourth and last CONCACAF game yesterday, against C.D. Heredia. They finally wined their first game of the championship, 2-0. But if they wanted to pass on final quarter, they had to score 6 goals of difference with the Guatemalan team.

Officially eliminated of Champions League, the Montreal team can finally focus on Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs. With only six games to play, Montreal had show some tired signs; we just have to look at the last night starting lineup. It’s clear that Marco Shällibaum, the head coach, don’t wanted to won this game, even if he had mention that he wanted to saw 11 lions on the field. He still mentions to a journalist that MLS was the priority since the start of the championship.

Counting the injuries, the coach doesn’t have that much of regular players available. Those one and the technique staff repeat since more than one month that the key players are tired. Yesterday, they finally had a day off, and now we all know that it have a team “A” and a team “B”. By now, all the players can play regularly, once in a week, without the stress of a championship to win on the shoulder.

Like the season, the playoffs will come faster and the group will have to be ready physically and mentally. I personally propose to the Impact staff that they should bring the team for 3 or 4 days in a cottage or a hotel, cut of technologies and without contact outside of the place. Like this, they can solve all the interns team problems, construct and work on a very good team spirit. After the comeback, they will be super-minded to win and ready for the series. Shällibaum often threatened of blocking the access of the journalist during the training sessions on the week. Right now, it’s open all week long and block on the day before the game. I think he should block the access of the media for the playoffs, to be sure that his players stay concentrate on the next games.

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