First ever Olympic games !

by mathieubgervais on October 2, 2013 - 7:43pm

        Have you ever asked yourself how and when the Olympic Games all stared? This may be to your surprise but the Olympic Games know nationwide started 3000 years ago. They first started in Greece in honor of the famous god Zeus. Greek citizens gathered together every four years to celebrate with sports events. The name Olympics come from a site names Olympia near the Peloponnese peninsula which was the location of the first ever Olympic games.

        During the very first Olympic Games there were various types of sports such as, a footrace, a 400-meter race named the diaulos, a longer race around 1,500 meters to 5,000 meters named the dolichos, long jump, javelin throwing, wrestling and pankration, an event were soldiers can wrestle and box without any rules. During the first Olympics only men were allowed to participate. When the Roman Empire conquered Greece, Olympics stayed but the qualities changed a lot. It took 1500 years before the Olympics came back to life. Baron Pierre decided to focus on Olympics to promote physical education across the globe. The first modern Olympics commenced in Athens, the birth place of Olympics introducing 43 new events. Eventually over the years winter Olympics were interrelated with summer Olympics so that every two years nations get to watch their athletes perform.

      I believe that it’s important to know the origin of Olympics because so many terms we use today originate from the first ever Olympics. For example the word stadium, which was a race during the very first Olympics the stade race. Another term is Marathon, they named the race Marathon because of a Greek soldiers sacrifice during the Persian war, running 42 km from the city of Marathon to the city of Athens to announce the Athenians victory over the Persians. It’s amazing to see how a sports event that started 3000 years ago celebrating sporting events is still around today, and I believe it’s extremely important because it units different nations across the globe together.      


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I’m pretty sure you all ever seen this video where Chinese deaf dancers are dancing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, if not you can click on this link to watch it : Honestly, I don’t understand how they can have succeed at this, I can’t keep myself from telling “This is just a big joke, these dancers were not deaf!” Deaf or not, what I really wanted to talk about was the Parkinson’s dance group. Believe it or not some patients suffering from Parkinson are in a dance group.

At first, the choreographer didn’t know how to teach this persons how to dance and they found it hard to learn. Obviously they don’t actually make complicated moves and they can’t dance that fast because of their disease, but the goal is mostly to give an opportunity to these people to do something fun. Also, experts found out that dance can improve the patients physical condition. All participants have a partner they already know, for example their son or their wife or husband.

The main moves the group were practicing were “the bird”, “the swim stroke” and “the baseball bat”. For us it seems a little bit too basic, but for them, I guess they feel like they are doing a big accomplishment.