Finally hit up the playoffs!

by Laurence Morin-Emond on October 23, 2013 - 1:28pm

After have known a really bad start season, the Montreal Alouettes finally and suprisly confirms their place in playoffs, in third place behind Hamilton and Toronto. From the start of the season, the injuries take more and more the players to the clinic, which obviously left a mark on the rest of the season.

 Since the ex-Alouettes coach, Marc Trestman, sign with the Chicago Bears, in the National Football League (NFL), nothing is going well for the Canadian Football League (CFL) team. Having no coach, the Montreal Alouettes signed Dan Hawkins, who only won two games on seven games. Jim Popp fired his coach and take his place. The logical say the ambiance of the room is way better and the players prefer Popp, because they get their third win just when Popp take place as the new head coach, vice president, general manager, director of Football Operations and Director of Player personnel. But he still not having the power of regenerate the injured players. Getting our first quarterback, since 16 years, injured, Anthony Calvillo, it seemed like Montreal would be out of the playoffs this year. Currently having 16 injured players, Popp finally confirms the participation to playoffs, last week. The players can say thanks at Troy Smith, the fourth quarterback of the team, who provide a 36-5 win and a place in playoff race.

Actually, being in third place, having more than 10 players in the clinic, 2 games ago, and a big percentage of chance that new players will be add on injured list, sadly, I think the staff should take the decision of forget the current season; not put all their efforts on it  and continue to make play young players. I think, and for next year too, that we do not need new big players; on the second half of the season, young players showed that they can do the job.

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