Facebook, The largest information holder on earth ?

by fleming.Shamuel on October 30, 2013 - 11:44am

Facebook, The largest information holder on earth ? 


Well all know Facebook, a social network, that is extremely famous and used by most north-american as of now. This website allows people to have their own account and link their account to other account via a friend connection. The more your friend list connection is big, the bigger your influence towards your friends will be big. Lately, Facebook is also used for the propaganda of short 6 seconds videos called Vines. In these videos, people film themselves doing funny things like for example approaching a stranger and asking him random stuff. All of this is very nice but what does Facebook really do and also, why this website that allows us to be so connected to whats happening in life is free ? How is it possible to run so many servers that cost millions of dollars to maintain and still deliver a free service ? 


Well to answer that question that people do not ask often enough, Facebook basically take all our informations; date of birth, working place, home location, what people like, what people dislike and stores that into their database. When you first create a Facebook account, it is well written in the enormous policy text that any informations that you post on their website is theirs. Which means that legally, they can take anything they want with all the data they gathered through out our accounts.  Facebook will then most likely sell all the data they gathered, wether its a list of phone numbers by region or what you like or dislike to third-party companies that will then advertise exactly what you enjoy on your Facebook page. For example if I type in the “Things you like to do” section of the information that Facebook ask for when you create your account: I like computers, you will end up having few advertisements from third-party companies like Apple, Acer or even Microsoft to say how good their products are. People often say that Facebook is an awesome website because it is free and it open so many opportunities but really, what they don’t know is that all the posts they write, all the pages they like, all the conversations they have through Facebook is not safe, all the data is collected and monitored to eventually being used at their own profit. Facebook has become the biggest information network in the entire planet. 


Of course, some say that it can be used against threats like terrorists or even mentally disturbed people who plan attacks on society of some sort. The ability to monitor everything can also be used to counter these threats but to be honest, I think that it is not worth having our entire life revealed to people that we don’t even know the existence. I think that websites like Facebook are very good but people should be warned much more before they even create their accounts. When Facebook first appeared, people was so amazed by that idea of social network that most of them just gave deliberately their informations. 








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