Expensive Unnecessary Roughness

by mike_parent on September 18, 2013 - 12:01pm

Around the National Football League there is a lot of hits considered dangerous, for instance helmet-to-helmet hits are banned from the game. Players who will do those kind of hit will be penalize on and off the field. A couple of them happened in the second week of the NFL’s regular season, Washington safety gave a blow to his opponent’s head (Green Bay Packers’ ball carrier) and another one in the game at New Orleans, where a Tampa Bay player hit a defenseless player. Dashon Goldson, Buccaneers safety, was suspended for a whole week of activity until today, September 18, 2013. The league has decided to rescinded the suspension but the player still has to pay $100 000. The main reason why the NFL would have suspend that particular player but not the one from the Washington Redskins is that Goldson was at his fifth similar unnecessary roughness call. After further reflection, the president of the NFL decided to make things fair for the player in question.

I think that is a great move from the National Football League to rescind his suspension on a hit like that. The player had momentum and was not able to stop even if the other player did not catch the ball.* On a other hand, the hit that the Washington player, Brandon Meriweather, was more subject to suspension than the one that I talked about. That one ended the Packers running back, Eddie Lacy, season with a concussion. I do not think it is fair to fine one player that did not really hurt anyone or did something dangerous and ignore the other one that ended a player’ season from a helmet-to-helmet hit causing a concussion. What would you do has the NFL?

*Video: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000245902/article/dashon-goldson-suspended-one-game-by-nfl-for-hit




The NFL as showed time and time again it's ability to make the right and wrong calls. Of course both players should be suspended. The number of infractions doesn't matter as much as the infraction itself. I mean hitting a player to the head with this kind of contact is very dangerous, the proof being that Eddie Lacy's season is now over because of a concussion. These concussions aren't the type that just go away forever. Look at Sydney Crosby's concussion, it altered his career in a big way. From 2011 to 2013, he's had ongoing concussion symptoms that have disrupted his last two seasons. He even mentions in the article bellow that the idea of never playing hockey again actually crossed his mind. Wouldn't that be a big loss for hockey? What is the Pittsburgh Penguins concession without Sid the Kid? Now back to the NFL. Their goal is to make money so they can't just suspend anyone for a whole season, especially someone important to their team's success like Meriweather or Goldson. In my opinion any illegal hit to the head should be penalized by with a 20% fine of the player's salary, this augmenting by 10% for every other infraction. By now player's like Goldson would be forced to play with caution knowing that 70% of their pay are taken from the. I would also add a five game suspension with access to team practice's sidelines on Sunday night games. At least, that would be my fully legit solution to the problem.

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