Expending Mega-Corporations

by maxime.rousseau on October 30, 2013 - 11:34am


Music industry had grown a lot these last years. The arrival of new music devices and portable music changed the whole music experience. Another thing that affected this industry is without a doubt: digital music. We can now buy individual songs online put them on a virtual library and add it directly on our device. ITunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Naptser and Rhapsody are the most well-known digital music store but a newcomer is will take a share of the market…YouTube.


YouTube just announced that they are going to offer paid subscription on their site. These ones will cost 10 dollars and will allow you to listen to official music video without the advertisements. This will make bigger revenues to YouTube channels (these channels sometimes make a living of their videos) and will allow a better client experience. This will also be available on mobile devices.


I was really shocked when I read this. I couldn’t believe that YouTube is now selling digital music. At the beginning, this site was free and for watching videos. It is now a corporation-controlled business and they are trying to make as much money that they can. Another fact that shocked me is that corporations like that are just growing bigger and bigger. Their products are now diversified and they are controlling more of our every day’s life. For more information about the announcement of YouTube, go to the following link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/25/business/media/youtube-said-to-introduce-paid-music-service.html?ref=media

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