Everything’s good for Montreal Impact, but…

by Laurence Morin-Emond on September 11, 2013 - 11:09pm

Since the kick off of the Season, Montreal Impact sends 3 players on loan and signs 8 players. The new Major League Soccer (MLS) team of 2012 draw it a lot of advantages; first of the eastern conference, with 45 points, looking forward participate to the playoffs. Plus, they wined the Canadian championships in Vancouver in May, bring us in CONCACAF. Montreal never participates to the playoffs in MLS and since 2008 they don’t repeat the experience of winning the Canadian Championships. Everything’s looking to go well, but, in fact, four important players will maybe not be free for next year, and even, for the end of the season.


Let’s start with the Hernan Bernadello: he played 4 games in the Impact uniform, since he sign on the same date that Adrian Lopez, July 23rd 2013. On august 31st, he falls on battle field, after a tackle. Few days after, he announces by himself that he will be missing for 3 weeks; Impact confirms he will miss 4 to 6 weeks.

Adrian Lòpez: Last week, during the daily training, he had a contact with Blake Smith; he injured his right knee, out for six months.


Just for this, Montreal lost the two players they buy this summer; who they had sign up to rest some midfielders and defenders, in prevision of the CONCACAF plus the regular season and the playoffs. The coach Shallibaum say it: «Some players need to rest. ». And it’s clear. Alessandro Nesta, 38, central back, injured his adductors last week and because he have no substitution on the team, he had to rest and don’t practice of the week, to be in health on Sunday night.  Currently, it has a lot of rumours about Marco Di Vaio returns in Italia next year. He scored 17 goals in 17 games. Nesta and DiVaio contracts expire this season. Both’s starting to get old and think about ending their soccer player career. That means that if both of them don’t sign for next season, Montreal Impact will seriously have to engage new players on the team.


Personally, for the the defenders line, Matteo Ferrari, Hassoun Camara and Adrian Lopez can do the job on the central back. On the wings, we can bring back Zarek Valentin from loan and sign him for next season, on right and Jeb Brovsky on left. On the midfield, there’s no problem, Montreal have more than 10 midfielders. The money saved and the place make, Impact can easily sign a new designated striker. On substitution, the ex Montreal Impact academy players can really do the job if they get better and better during the winter break.

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