Environment’s case help by composting

by gabizawa on September 25, 2013 - 9:01pm


Compost is a more common lifestyle than it was at the beginning. It’s appreciated because it’s a little action, which is helpful for the environment. We are just changing the garbage where we use to put our aliments. After that, it’s easy to maintain and not really demanding. We should do compost because, as we can see in the article,  it has many benefits.


There are many answers of why we should make compost. One of it is that composting enriches poor soil. It produces good micro-organisms which is creating humus. Humus retains moisture, which is good to regenerate our soil. Another advantage is that this degradation process helps to clean our contaminated soil from its toxic. In particular cases, compost can eliminate all the pesticides, hydrocarbons and other things that are not helpful for planet, from the soil. Pollution is also a thing that the compost has an ability to improve. It prevents pollutants in water, erosion and many others. Apart the natural side of composting, there is also economic benefits to it. Making compost, could also reduce the need for water, pesticides and fertilizers. By reducing those needs, we save a lot of money. Cleaning soil is really less expensive with compost than other techniques.  


For me, this article showed well why doing compost is benefit. I found important to talk about compost, because it’s a good and easy way to help to planet’s case. This article was strong in general. It describes four premises that supported the issue. The premises have examples with good explanations. The only thing that can be bad for this article is the conclusion who’s missing. But we can consider this article as a strong one, because of his reliable sources, who is the Environmental Protection Agency and because of its strong premises.   



Many people believe that compost will require them a lot of time and that it is a waste of time , but in fact it is totally accessible and fast. Like you said, composting is helping out the earth and humans. i think that we should try to demonstrate more respect to our environment, because we created a lot of disasters on it. Another disavantage that is really common with the compost: the stinks of decompose food. But, there is now available composting bin (http://www.cotesaintluc.org/composting , last paragraph) and other technological produce to help people out! And these products help reducing a lot the stinky smell.

Recycling is really a greats subject to talk about and fortunately, it is one of the most talked subject with compost for environment saving. We need to let the world know about it but not just for compost and recycling, we need to let them know about everything! New types of energy, things to do in your everyday life that could affect positively the environment . It doesn't need to be some big articles, it could be some little readings that you do while waiting in a room or other private occupations... The more the population knows about it, the more we have the possibility of doing a greater impact . It starts now , with this little site ( which by the way is also a magazine , so you could subscribe to it ): http://www.nationalgeographic.com/

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