Electronic Football

by maxime.rousseau on September 4, 2013 - 10:53pm


Technology has contributed a lot in certain sports. We can now time runners in the competition and we can also review some play in hockey to know if a goal is legal or shall be dropped. In football though coaches can obtain tapes of other team practicing so they can adapt their plays. I started playing football last year and I understood this sport wasn’t only about individual skills but about team strategy. This article, about how to obtain information in football, pickled my curiosity.

Not a long time ago, a new job was created in the football industry…a video coordinator. They have to find tapes of the other team and provide them to the head coaches. Once the head coach has the video of a practice or a game, he can see what is the other team’s strategy. That way, he can adapt his game plan. There are a lot of rules concerning this and most of the times videotapes are obtained by an illicit way.

I don’t know what should I think about this. Football spying is in a certain way a manner to cheat because you know the strategy of the other team. One team can lose just because of that even if the have talent and work harder than the other team. On another hand, you must prepare yourself against the other team because this is a game of team and formation.  This subject is continually revised and something got to happen to clarify rules.


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