Ed Sheeran, a true artist

by fleming.Shamuel on August 28, 2013 - 11:25am


Ed Sheeran, a legend.

Edward Christopher, commonly known has “Ed Sheeran” is a british signer. He was born the 17 of February 1991 and raised in Framingham. Ed Sheeran is known World Wide for his success “The A Team” and “Give me Love”. His songs are populated by love, live and loss. He is also one of the few gingers who is actually known worldwide. He wrote many songs and what is particular about them is that they all talk about girls. A little bit like Taylor Swift does it with guys. The album called “+” is an album including a total of 16 songs and they all talk about the same girl, about experiences that he had with her, the love he shared. One of his song called “Kiss me” is about when they first meet, talking about how he was in love and she was a little bit scared because it was going very fast. A song like “Small Bump” talks about how her girl friend was  pregnant and she lost the baby through a miscarriage. I think that Ed Sheeran is one of the few artists that kept his style all along his career and ended up being known world-wide and I respect that out of him. He fist started his career at 14years old and now in year 2013, he’s 22 years old. 

For my part, I love listening to Ed Sheeran because he does songs that are both smooth and catchy and thats what I love. His songs give confidence and hope about life in general. I feel like he’s been through a lot and he’s helping others by writing songs.He’s the type of artist that will join a party next to his place and just start playing guitar and create an awesome atmosphere (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I1GoEpMdYs). He’s the type of artist that deserve his fame and his popularity. 


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I totally agree with you! Ed Sheeran is a true artist. I heard some people say that real music is not “a guy singing with a guitar by his hands”. They think real music is what you hear in an orchestra. For me, I think it sad to see it this this way. Real music is just supposed to let you enter in itself. It has to let you get into its mood. Real music makes you dance, cry, laugh and I rather say live. Of course Classic is real music, but what I’m trying to say is that any other types of music is also true music. People like them are missing something and people like Ed Sheeran are sharing something. They are sharing true emotions trough their songs and this is the most important thing in music.
I know your post wasn’t about that, only about Ed Sheeran, but I really wanted to share that out.

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