Drug use in Sports

by mathieubgervais on October 23, 2013 - 12:15pm

Across the globe, there are numerous amounts of athletes who use drugs. Some use the drugs to increase their performance level, to hide their injuries, or to relax. The usage of drugs has always been a part of sports and there’s a big fight against the usage of drugs in competitions. For whatever reason an athlete might consume a drug, it is obvious that it is bad. It goes against the religion of sports and it’s harming for their own heath.

                There are many types of drugs to help an athlete improve their performance. Some athletes use steroids to increase their body built giving them an edge on other players or competitors, others will use stimulants which allow them to stay focused on the game more. When athletes get injured, pain killers are used to hide pain temporarily allowing them to perform in an unnatural state. Narcotics which is a painkiller are used by athletes and the use of the drug is unsafe due to the fact a player will not be able to determine a situation where danger is present, they won’t think twice before acting. Lots of athletes will consume marijuana or alcohol to help them remove stress and relax. Some athletes, mostly runners dope themselves with blood which gives them more oxygen. All these drugs can help an individual perform better which is the reason why they consume them but they are all extremely dangerous for the body. All the drugs have their own negative impacts on the human body but overall they all effect the heart and can create heart attacks that lead to death. Just this major side effect should prevent athletes to use these drugs but yet they still consume them.

                I believe that the usage of drugs in sports is unfair. You can work real hard growing up as a kid to be the best at a certain sport and no matter what sport you play in there’s always one individual who consume drugs to help them perform. At the same time of being unfair it’s sad to see that they need the drug to help them exceed and it goes against the religion of sports, a real athlete will work hard and train all natural to become better. They will not need to dope themselves to be better than others. Thankfully there are drug test to prevent drug using athletes get rewards they don’t deserve or take a natural athletes spot on a team. A recent example of an Athlete who received many awards and got tested positive after a drug test is Lance Armstrong. Without the help of drugs, who knows if he would have won all his titles?  

Article link: http://www.ulster.ac.uk/scienceinsociety/drugsinsport.html


I agree with you; it's sad to see some athletes take drugs, when some always give their 100%, give their life for their sports and work hard to make the team (per example). But also, it is dangerous for the athlete himself, and I don't understand why they continue to dope their self, just when they can work hard. Personally, I think that if an athlete use "easier" ways to accomplish something that someone else dream since so long, because that athlete is too lazy and he's tired of train every day, it's really not fair. That's why I think drug test are really good for sport.

http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3689496.htm (video)

I don’t even understand why some athletes continue to use drugs, they are aware of the consequences, they know about the drug tests, they know deep inside themselves that they are liar, they don’t deserve the rewards they get, and that they are cheating. When you look at it closely, you can see that they are no benefits from the use of drugs. You may have the one of the highest standing in the sport world if you win a competition after using drugs, but the point is if you get caught, then nobody will trust you anymore and you will get the lowest standing for sure. Like you said, the best and most recent example is Lance Armstrong. He went from hero to zero because he cheated.
Here is a link about drugs use in sport, it explain the consequences for the athletes and the side effects and different types of drugs used in sport.


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