Driving ourselves to extinction!

by mathieubgervais on September 4, 2013 - 4:09pm

        Humans, yes this is the name of our specie and we are all proud to be humans! But did we grow up to be too smart? Have you ever asked yourself how life on earth would be without humans? Humans have a tremendous amount of impact on the earth’s environment and even if people are aware, thousands and thousands of them don’t take the time to think about the negative effect human’s cause on earth! If you take earths age 4.54 billion years old and put 4.54 billion years in the time span of a 24 hour day. Humans have only been on earth for 1/10th of a second, which is a blink of an eye and with the blink of an eye we have completely changed our environment!

       The biggest impact humans have on the environment is pollution as we all know. Now we create different types of pollution because of our actions. Humans are the cause of water pollution, land pollution and air pollution. Our specie need water to survive as our bodies are made up of 90% of it. But the problem is that most individuals use an excessive amount of water, by average 13 gallons (50 liters) of water a human uses a day for cooking, cleaning and drinking. When the earth only has 2.5% of fresh water and in that only 1% is available to us. Humans are also consuming machines, we buy, buy, buy and buy some more! This is one of the biggest negative effects we cause on the earths environment. With all the products we buy and throw out we create huge amounts of waste which have negative effects on the earth’s soil. And with the populations getting bigger, forest which produce oxygen are destroyed to build communities for our specie. And all the process of building houses and buying our products we love to use creates air pollution because of the industries we get them from and cars we use to drive to them.  

       What we have created seems impossible to fix! But it is not, we can change the negative effects we’ve had by reducing the amount of water we use, make more recyclable products for us to buy and recycle, get rid of gas cars and only use electric cars! And enforce all industries across the world to use ecofriendly technologies like solar panels and air filtration systems. If we were able to create all this chaos in 1/10th of a second we can change the world for better in 1/10th of a second as well before it’s too late and our specie extinct!   


Article used:   http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com/human-impact-on-environment.html

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