Don’t care about your Health? Well how about your Baby’s?

by PedgeRuest on November 13, 2013 - 6:56pm


Even with many years of advertisement of the negative effects of smoking during pregnancy, mother’s ignore the warnings and continue destroying both their health and their baby’s. Here are some articles that speak of the different outcomes of nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Based on the academic article, it is concluded that exposure to both nicotine and smoke (carbon monoxide) result in the malfunctions in fetal organ growth, especially in the kidney and the brain. This statement was concluded off the research on 26 healthy women, 13 non-smoker’s and 13 smokers. The experiment was taken out using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which takes pictures of the current development of the fetus’s organs. These pictures were compared from non-smoking women to smoking women during the pregnancy. As provided in the article, the results in relation to the effects on the brain as well as the kidney is the decrease in its volume if the fetus is exposed to nicotine and carbon monoxide. A decrease in volume means the fetus is not finished developing. This is a serious problem because it is not a short-term affect, this problem follows them throughout their lives. Although, these are not the only problems linked to the exposure to nicotine and carbon monoxide (smoke). Other examples linked to Prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette smoking (PEMCS) that are raised but not explained as much is the increases in risk of miscarriage, perinatal mortality, gestational bleeding, early childhood disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory diseases, the list goes on.

In addition, the second article read also speaks about the effects of nicotine and other substances on the fetus during pregnancy.  While these substances is said to increase the risk of diseases your child can inquire, let’s not forget that even if the problems are not apparent, they’re still there. As for example, the poisons inhaled during smoking are carried through the mother’s bloodstream, and further on transferred to the fetus. This limits the amount of oxygen available for the fetus, increases both the mother’s and the fetus’s heart rate and obviously, increases the risks on prematurity and so on.

In conclusion, as spoken about in both article, the effects of smoking during pregnancy are not limited. The effects go on from short term to long term effects while some can go as far as the death of the fetus or of the child later on in their lives. The relation between both articles is they both speak about the effect based on the exposure of carbon monoxide and nicotine. While the academic article goes more in depth about the differences in organ development, as for example the volumes of the kidney and the brain, the second article simply speaks generally about how it effects the child and why/ how the mother should stop smoking.


Your article caught my attention right away, this is a topic that is not very talked about I do not think that women who continue to smoke while pregnant are not fully considering the serious damage it could case. In my opinion smoking while pregnant is morally wrong it goes against "do not harm others". Since the mother is willingly harming and subjecting her child to nicotine and carbon monoxide. I definitely think that this is something most people do not talk about despite the constant warning labels and advertisements. It is one thing for the mother to subject herself to harmful chemicals but knowingly put her child's life at risk is unthinkable. I know a girl who's mother smoked while she was pregnant and when she was born she was diagnosed with a disability because of the effect nicotine and carbon monoxide had on her. It breaks my heart.

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