Does God Exist?

by alexandregarceau on September 4, 2013 - 3:43pm

Probably the biggest and most important question humanity is trying to solve: Is God real? This unstoppable debate is the probably one of the hardest which Scientifics or believers have to confront in the history of humanity. Since the Renaissance period, Scientifics are reducing little by little the credibility of the ultimate creator by solving scientifics questions about astronomy, mathematics etc...So I’m asking you, is God real?

This article is about that famous question. David C. Pack is the courageous author that chose to respond to it by studying all big discoveries like: evolution, the big bang etc... He’s even considering other gods as a creation from the men’s mind with material from the bible’s god.

Personally, I am not a true believer of “the great creator”. However, this article is quite a mind changer! I have always thought that nothing could just start from absolutely nothing. Per example, if I asked you: Is this glass of water that you have in front of you came from nothing? No, someone actually made it. Same thing from the stars, do they come from nothing? You would say:”no it came from the big bang.” So I’m asking you now: Who made the big bang? Just as the universe was supposed to be absolute nothing, the biggest explosions of all time (because there was no time before the big bang) occurred. What did it? Or who...This is where my beliefs encounter my logic. That is what tickles my pickles because it makes literally no sense! The biggest explosions ever created came from...nothing? This article woke my old curiosity up, and I wish it is going to be similar for all of you, readers.

Alexandre Garceau

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