Doctor Who?

by Zoe.Papadatos on September 4, 2013 - 6:57pm


A few weeks ago, Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor in the popular british television series “Doctor Who”. This casting choice will, once again, put a new twist on this show.


Among the 12 actors that have portrayed the Doctor, most fans would say that David Tennant was the greatest, followed by Tom Baker and Matt Smith. Meanwhile, Peter Capaldi has mixed views from the audience. Some people think that this new casting choice presents an older, more mature, and perhaps darker twist on the show. Others think that he is far too old (he’s 55).


I don’t believe that age is a factor towards Peter Capaldi’s performance as the Doctor. The Doctor has the ability to regenerate so it makes sense according to the plot. Furthermore, his being older is what I believe will result in a more mature and darker storyline instead of the quirky, even child-like, performance by David Tennant and Matt Smith. Of course, there is nothing wrong with quirky and child-like. I think it made the show uplifting and amusing. However, the time for serious and intelligent storyline is long overdo. Personally, I can’t wait to see Peter Capaldi in his new role. Nevertheless, I am disappointed that, once again, the Doctor is a white, caucasian male. Many people would have liked to see a diversified or even female Doctor.



Personally, as a fan of the show, I thought that the decision was great. Although a female doctor would have been great, Capaldi is a long-time fan of the show and I can really see him fitting the role nicely. The claims that he is too old to play the doctor always seemed extremely childish and annoying because, when you get down to it, the doctor is a 1200+ year old alien from Gallifrey. I think a 55 year old actor is more than "young enough" to play a 1200 year old man.

There never seems to be a unanimous happy reaction to the selection of a new Doctor (People originally rebelled against choosing David Tennant for the role because of his past work and Matt Smith was originally seen as being too young to play the Doctor), but the choice of having Capaldi play the doctor has been the most positive I have seen thus far. People judge new doctors too quickly and harshly, I wasn't too excited about Matt Smith becoming the doctor, but overtime, I really enjoyed what he had to contribute to the show.

Referring to the age I believe that in general it does play an important factor in the media and I think that they probably wanted to have a much older character to give the show a different vibe like you said before dark tone to it. But in general when it comes to films for example the look matters.

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