Deadly accident, bus drivers beware?

by m-a.soucisse on September 18, 2013 - 11:52pm

Today, a terrible tragedy occured in Ottawa.  A double-decker bus crashed into a Via Rail train and caused the death of six people.  Even with the passengers screams to stop, the bus driver jus couldn't stop the vehicle on time, causing a few fatalities and many broken hearts.

According to eye-witnesses, the bus was not slowing down and was heading dangerously toward the train.  In fact, passenger Rebecca Guilbaut was sitting with her one year old in the bus when the incident occured.  Fortuneatly, she survived so did her baby, but it clearly changed her life forever.  She mentions how everyone screamed the bus driver to stop, but that he only applied the brakes when approaching the train.  The bus was shaking and just about to tumble over before it hit the train.One of the passengers mentions that the driver might of had lost the brakes for a moment, which would explain why it took him such a long time to break.  Some witnesses mentioned there was a head hanging off the front door, just the head... This accident clearly darkened the day of many people in Ottawa and will stay in our heart for a long time.  Now, should bus drivers be worried?

I believe they should.  They clearly do not have an easy job.  First off we must understand that driving a buss looks kind of easy, but the size and weight of a bus makes it just that much harder to control.  They're aren't many bus restricted lanes for them to drive in which means they must share the road with other automobilist who lets face it, can be very dangerous.  Buses also take a much longer time to break, and a lot more space to steer.  Buses are also filled with people.  Anyone can take the bus which makes it harder for drivers because not only do they need to watch over their passengers, but they also need to watch the road.  It is also proven that driving distracted increases the risk of accidents.  Also, sleep deprived drivers are also very dangerous.  Is fatigue responsible for the death of these people? It might very well be.  I mean who just loses a break pedal.  Of course, some cars are manual which makes it harder but buses are automatic.  Also, the accident occured at 9h00 a.m making it possible that the accident could've been occured because the driver was sleep deprived.  But only time will tell us the truth, but until then, lets keep in our heats the ones lost in this accident.


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