The Dangerous Trend

by PedgeRuest on September 25, 2013 - 11:37am

As most teens, teenagers and young adults know, there is a new trend that has been going around for a couple of month already known as the Cinnamon Challenge. For those who have never heard of this dare just yet, the cinnamon challenge is when individual(s) try to swallow a full teaspoon of cinnamon without water under 60 seconds, which is nearly impossible to do. The only problem is, everyone knows about the challenge, but not the negative health effects that are caused by it.

There is a continuous increase in amount of people that decide to attempt this challenge, however also an increase in emergency, poison center calls, hospitalizations related to this challenge. Even with the warning “it is going to burn, you are going to cough, and regret you tried” people around the ages 13-24 years old decide to attempt it anyways. One of the problems are, cinnamon is meant to be used cautiously in the first place, and not meant to be swallowed because it is a powder that does not dissolve. When inhaled (because it is not dissolved), it is proven that it can cause inflammation in the airways and in the lungs, causing further damage like lesions and scarring in the inflamed areas. Another problem is not many people know about this challenge, especially pediatricians, therefore no one can try to explain to the population that this can be dangerous, even if it’s just temporary.

In my opinion, I believe that it is important for this message to get around because the amount of emergency calls that are related to this challenge are only increasing people of the “peer pressure to conformity” at these ages. If more people knew about the effects that can happen, even if they are rare, there would be less calls and therefore people that need help because of a more important issue then they can access it more rapidly. After people know more about the problem of this challenge, I believe that they should take it seriously because your health is very important, if you do 1 thing to cause it to go downhill there can be more complications and therefore it is preferable to be avoided.

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