Is Creating a Pipeline Passing All the Way from Alberta to Quebec, a Good Idea?

by Meli.caron007 on October 23, 2013 - 9:31pm

Posted on august 2013, the journalist Don Pittis, informs Canadians about the new project that the government is proposing to the society:  a pipeline that would pump more than “one million barrels a day” ( ). These estimations are tremendous!

It would surely increase the economy of the Canada, but the investment that the government needs to do is also staggering: $12 billion dollar that will go directly into the creation of a unique pipeline.

The only issue that we need to check is the environment. How would a pipeline that separates the whole country affect the migration? What would happen to wild animals when they will move around their territories and that will stay block because of this pipeline? Another fact is also questionable since the environment is now an important value in our society, do we really need to have this pipeline that will pump tons of gas from Alberta? Why can we not try to bring the solar panels in Canada or wind turbine, that could also be afford by this amount of money and that are renewable energy?

The article does not mention any form of scientist or authority that could have been relied on, what so ever Don mentions Russ Girling, the president of the corporation of  Transportation Canada. In this case, the company of Russ Girling would be the company that could possibly build the pipeline. This may count as an influence in his article. The article would not be a reliable source since it is only based on the opinion of the journalist and how he sees both sides of the medal.

To discover more about the pipelines effects:


Obviously, building this pipeline will be benefactive to the Canadian economy, but do we really need continue investing so much money and energy on this industry? We are already making staggering amounts of money and damages. There were 142 pipeline incidences in 2011, 45 more than the year before. The numbers have only increased, so is making money worth the risk or destroying our environment?