Consumption of Our World

by alexandregarceau on September 11, 2013 - 4:21pm

Consuming is now in our everyday life 24/7 .Now is there something we can do to avoid a catastrophe on a planetary scale? Yes! But why aren’t we, humans, doing something for it (generally speaking).I am not just citing the environmental side of this problem.  The social side is as important.

This article is clear and simple. It speaks its preoccupation and tells its readers what the problem is. Proofs are also illustrated to reinforced his article which, finally, ends up with a diagram (shown at the bottom) telling us the Annual Expenditure on Luxury Items Compared With Funding Needed To Meet Selected Basic Needs.

I chose to post this article because it touches everybody on this planet, especially in developed countries like in Europe or North America. Moreover, OUR actions affect the worlds ENTIERELY. Socially and environmentally, the world starts to degrade itself and we see it coming, specialists are warning us! It has been years now that we are informed and we haven’t been changing our behaviors for the most of us. We have to show that all humans are not destined to die by their own mistakes! We need to get up ,fight and comeback stronger than ever.


Table 1-6: Annual Expenditure On Luxury Items Compared With Funding Needed To Meet Selected Basic Needs


Annual Expenditure

Social or Economic Goal

Additional Annual Investment Needed to Achieve Goal


$18 billion

Reproductive health care for all women

$12 billion

Pet food in Europe and United States

$17 billion

Elimination of hunger and malnutrition

$19 billion


$15 billion

Universal literacy

$5 billion

Ocean cruises

$14 billion

Clean drinking water for all

$10 billion

Ice cream in Europe

$11 billion

Immunizing every child

$1.3 billion


Everyone now knows or has already heard about the actual environmental problem. The problems touch at a planetary level; everyone is affected by the degradation of our Earth. But I think that the situation doesn’t go better, because people do the same thing as you (I include myself). We claim and scream at loud that we have to change as an individual and as a society. But we don’t make any changes. Future generations are those who will be most affected by our consumption. We live in a selfish society where our own good is what is the priority. We are more concerned about material goods. Therefore, we are not going to stop consuming. Also, the technologies’ development growth so fast that we kind of lost control on the market.

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