Color And Innovation, What Is The Link?

by maxime.rousseau on November 6, 2013 - 11:21pm



Since I am a student in commerce at Champlain College, I have some interests in business and marketing. I think strategies to make more money are really interesting and I wanted to know more about this topic. Having good marketing strategies is a priority and it can be useful to know about these. I found two articles that was talking about marketing, more precisely about innovation in a company and about technology. There are many other domain but these are the two I will cover.


The first article talks about the Giant in the sport industry: Nike. This company is known the most important corporations in some domains (they lead the basketball industry). Even with the scandals concerning the poor conditions of their workers, they manage to have an annual profit growth rate of 8% witch is enormous. Their tactics to achieve this are quite interesting. Nike’s main strategies are based on two things: athletes’ promotion and innovation. They have a lot of athletes wearing their brand and are promoting Nike. This has a huge impact on the company. The company is also based on innovation. Nike always announces a new revolutionary product and clients loves new things. This is why they can have their good growth rate.


The second article is about the mental manipulation and using branding. This is a study where they tested the impact of colors in consumption. They made two tests. In the first one, searchers measured the impact of the colors on us. They found that we have a certain “color memory”. If we associate the color with a certain brand, it will become more usual and customers will likely buy them. In the second test, they found that there is a correlation between the number of buyers and the association of a color to a brand. For example, when someone thinks of red and yellow, they will think of McDonald. Colors are a marketing strategy that can help corporations to make more profit and to manipulate customers easily.


The link between these two articles is pretty simple: they are both methods of manipulation used by corporations to make more money. We can see that they use different ways to achieve their goal. Companies can use more old but still working tactics like in the first text where Nike use innovation as their main source of marketing. On the other hand , companies are also developing marketing in a more scientifically way. It is exactly what is in the second article where companies try to affect your brain so you want to buy their product.









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