CO2 effects on oceans

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The environmental crisis is affecting the four fields of the planet. We are talking here about the atmosphere, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the biosphere. They are closely related to one another and have huge effects on human beings. Hydrosphere is a field, which is really disturbing actually and this disturbance will keep growing if we do nothing.


The accumulation of CO2 in the air affects the oceans by the fact that they become highly acid. This is non-healthy for the animals that live in these polluted oceans. As a more specific specie, who has been studied in these waters are the teleost fish. The study proved that this high level of CO2 and the high level of pH in these waters are not normal for them because of their current CO2 activity in their bodies. They notice that they were able to live in these high CO2 water but they need to make changes in their blood ions that is not a natural process. Another group of marine species that has been studied is the coral reef’s species. The high level of CO2 also affects more specifically the coral, his vision. This shows again that it is dangerous for animal’s health. The scientists were scary about that and wanted to know if all species even if the one who can adapt to the environmental and chemistry changes were also touched by the high level of CO2. So they elaborate another study on three-spined stickleback and they saw that even them were having impacts, so all marine species are touched by this problem.


The coral reef species is used as habitation for some marine species and a place for others to provide food. The impacts of the coral reef are mainly related to pollution, the agricultural one. Other impacts that created pollution in the hydrosphere are over-harvesting fish, increase in the temperature of water and many others. The coral reef as I said is a place where many species are actually living on. So according to the destruction of the coral reef, oceans are seen as non-healthy. Farther then the health of the oceans, the coral reef is protecting waters from natural disaster, it is a big economic activity because it attracts many tourists and we are now finding use in medicine of it. Basically humans are at the base of the pollution, so also they are at the one of the reef’s destruction. Fortunately, the EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency is working towards the protection of this beautiful coral reef. They try to improve the quality of our waters by making advertisements about the importance of this tourist attraction and many more important uses.

The two articles were basically saying the same thing. If we take the part where in the first article talks about the impacts on the coral reef’s species they are talking more about the high level of CO2 and pH in water. In the other article they were talking about pollution, which creates that high level of CO2. I consider the two articles pretty interesting the two were talking about the same thing but one more precisely the second and it also provided many other information good to know like the importance of the coral reef that can encourage the protection of it. I found that the two articles were completing each other and that permits me to understand better.


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Related to the second paragraph of this present document, which directly describes the impact of the ocean acidification on animals.


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Even if the article is out dated the impacts are staying the same they can have improved, but there was no data or studies made in it. Further than a high level in CO2, the impacts of the pollution and other more specific impacts. Provides the importance of the coral reef and its preservation project.




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