Cigarettes: Yet another Reason to Not Smoke

by Matthew Pellicer on August 28, 2013 - 11:39am

Although we hear about the health reasons and the money a smoker spends for each pack of cigarettes, we rarely hear that they are the cause to fires. Firefighters got the call at 5:45 am this morning because of a fire in Boucherville. Once the fire was extinguished, they were able to find the culprit behind the fire, a cigarette. The cigarette, that wasn’t completely put out, caused a flower pot to catch fire which then led to walls and eventually the roof of the house.

                I think that if you choose not to care about your health and choose to spend a large part of your money on cigarettes, this with all the other downsides to cigarettes should be enough to discourage someone to not start or to quit smoking. A house to someone means a lot and it makes sense. We put in a lot of money into our choice of shelter and we hate to have to spend even more when things have to be maintained and repaired. So how would you feel to know that this small, expensive, health hazard is the cause of you losing your house and everything you keep inside, which in most people’s case is everything that belongs to them? I know I would be pretty sad to know that because of one bad habit, I lost everything.

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