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by alexandragagne2 on November 6, 2013 - 11:25pm

Technology is way more important than before and plays a big role in the advance of the humans beings world. All types of company are trying, on a every day basis, to improve their skills and the technology they provide to the market. It goes from cell phone, computer and television, to cloning, embedded chip and beyond. All kinds of chip, either used in humans, credit card and even in medical system, are becoming more popular. Whether they are a step forward for the world or have negative effect, they are use for all sorts of reason.

The first article I read is showing the positive effect chips can have, especially on five specific subject. The first topic is credit card. It's the near field communications that provides digital communication without any contact. This make the card more safe and there is less fraud. The credit card can also be using simply by waving it to the scanner instead of swiping it. Chips are also used in medical field. They are implanted in the skin and are used to treat disorders that eventually needs computer. The biggest benefit is that it remove the need of certain injection. The third invention is the mobile wallet. Cards are replaced by phones with chips that contain all information about their account. The last two points are basically identification. You can get info from another employee's phone over the air and it enables to catch vehicles that are over the speed limit. So it identify who you want to reach or catch.

The second article has the same content for these 5 topic but is adding more information about other functions chips can have.  The first info they gives is about digital surveillance. With chip, it's more easy to locate a cell phone and it's also used in transportation system like in a GPS. You can track anything you want if you put a chip in it. The second relevant point is controlling the temperature. The chip helps to achieve a accurate report about the temperature in company industry. The last topic it covers is pervasive sensor network. They control, sense and monitor the information coming in. It's used to control the physical aspect, such as chip in humans, animals or objects.

There is a strong link between these two article because they are almost the same. They shows only the good sides and the positive effect of this ''new'' technology and not the bad one. We can put these two article together not only because they have the same subject but because they fallow the same path. Both of them are explaining what is it and in what field this technology can be or is used.

First article:

Second article:

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