Chinese Official Tortured

by maxime.rousseau on September 4, 2013 - 10:55pm



As humans being, we have to admit that we are not living in an equal world. Some people have a lot more power and abuse of it and this is exactly what the government of China did to one of its party official Yu Qiyi. I was interested in this article because I just can’t believe this terrible story and how people have surplus of power.

The Chinese official died after 30 days of internal detention because the government wanted him to confess some wrongdoing. After this month of torture and pain, he was brought to hospital and died a few hours later. He had inhaled a fluid that caused a malfunction in his lungs (probably due to the feigned drowning he had undergone). The Beijing Times said there might be some of his acquaintance that might have suffered of the tortures.

When I read this text I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could something like this still happen? Torture shouldn’t be used nowadays: we’re not in the Second World War!  These are Barbary techniques. The most astonishing fact of the incident is that the guy who died, Mr Qiyi, was a member of the communist party and by the fact was in agreement with the current government who killed him. I think everybody should have a fair trial and a chance to survive if they are right.





I am very surprised to learn that this method has been employed in China and caused the death of this man. I agree with you that these barbarian techniques should not be used nowadays and that torture is violating moral principles. How can we still think that it is a good idea to fight evil by evil. Furthermore, I cannot believe that this immoral act has been committed by the Communist Party investigators (which is basically linked to the government of China). Isn’t government supposed to be exemplar towards its citizens? If the use of these “enhanced interrogation techniques” are not strictly banished/punished for the government investigators, I am afraid torture will not be totally dismissed in our society. Besides, I was surprised there have been a significant amount of abuse and torture cases committed by the CIA and the U.S. Department of Defense after the 9/11 horrific tragedy (American Civil Liberties Union website linked below). According to our law in Canada, the act of torture is liable to imprisonment. However, I am curious about the consequences when torture is used in unique circumstances where lives are at stake.

More information on torture in USA:

Sadly, we all have to accept the depressing reality of the abuse of power from the government of China. I’ve always thought how the government of China keeps on reminding of ‘’Big Brother’’ in the book written by George Orwell, ‘’1984’’. Of course, it is not as intense but there are a lot of similarities. China is a communist country but the fact how the government abuse their power by censoring many things on internet and most of all, torturing people, turns it more in to a totalitarianism society. I have read many articles before about how China uses the method of torture to extract confessions from the detainees. Each of the articles had cruel torture methods such as the one you posted about, sleep deprivation for several days, pouring water into nostril, etc. The worst of all, prisoners who are sentenced for execution have their organs removed for transplantation after their death, and this without their consent. This has been happening for many decades. Thankfully, China has accepted to stop this widely criticized practice in November. I hope that one day the government of China can stop torturing people as well.

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