Is a child raised by gay parents any different from others ?

by fleming.Shamuel on November 13, 2013 - 11:37am

It is not a secret anymore, homosexuals are gaining more and more rights throughout decades. The United-States of America, one of the countries that was against the idea of giving rights to the LGBT community is slowly opening its shell to the LGBT co. In fact, over 25 states of America is acknowledging LGBT rights as well as their marriage. Of course when comes marriage normally comes family and the real question is : are children that comes from a gay-couple family any different from any other kids that comes from straight-couple family ? Does the influence of a gay-couple to a kid will make him gay ? Well, studies shows that kids with gay parents have advantages over other kids.


To start with, kids that have gay-parents are in fact privileged on certain aspects that other kids may not be privileged on. In fact, a study by two University of Southern California stipulates that children with lesbian or gay parents show more empathy for social diversity and are less confined by gender stereotypes. Of course they are probably more likely to explore homosexual activity themselves but that does not mean that they will automatically turn gay because being gay is not a choice. The authors of an article talking about it in American Sociological Review clearly say that the emotional health of the two sets of children (the ones with gay parents and the one with straight parents) are essentially the same. If we go back to the source, we are essentially all humans and for a gay couple to have a kid, it requires devotion, love and passion. Unlike straight couple who might have unwanted pregnancy, the gay couple has to plan before and in most cases, the child is his given all the love he needs ! Of course, people might say that straight couples also teaches tolerance and empathy for social diversity and they would be right. The fact remains that some straight parents are not open to social diversity and they will teach that to their child. 


LGBT rights has taken a giant leap over decades but they are still not equal and as socially accepted compared to straight people. In fact, a few decades ago, openly gay and lesbian Americans did not have the legal right to raise their own biological children, much less adopt. Today more than twenty-five states recognize the same legal benefits and responsibilities of parenthood regardless of sexual orientation. The decision of accepting a gay couple to adopt and raise a child has been taken in court and of course there were few legislative battles and citizen protesting against it claiming they are for traditional rights but overall, the laws were changed in most of the US states. Although legally speaking, the LGBT community is accepted, socially, a little less. It would be stupid to deny that the fact the society is slowly opening to the idea of LGBT but it still remains that most of the time, gay or lesbian couples need to hide to show affection because they are afraid of what people think around them.







First Paragraph :

Second Paragraph (peer-reviewed):


The first article (the one taken on the internet which is not peer-reviewed) shows a more vast idea of Gay marriage and how child can benefit from a gay-couple. The article is obviously written by a novice but the use of studies and the sources in the article is frequent. The second article (peer-reviewed) was more focused on the Justice and moral side of the acceptance of gay-couple and the child they may want. The sources are frequent and the level of language is professional. Overall, both of those article where helpful and accurate. 


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