The Charter of values

by fangjun9608 on September 18, 2013 - 12:23pm

This article it is at the moment one of the hottest topic because this might bring a lot of changes. Many people thinks that if the Charter of values is accepted, Quebec would no longer grant freedom to their people.

In this article, it talks about how the Charter of values has shocked the people with religious beliefs. It heated up when many accident happened in public areas. People where harassing people who were wearing hijab (which is a thing that covers your hairs that Islamic women tends to wear).


I think that the arguments for this article were really poor because the things that happened are not on a large scale, it is basically what happened to three people. This can happen anytime any day, it doesn’t necessary mean that the Charter of values caused these things to happen. Personally, I am still against this Charter (even though I am an atheist) but it is extremely insulting to people who has religious beliefs.



What I think from this issue is that it is all based on media( They are only talking about Islamic religion and women who are wearing the hijab. But they do not mention other religions; they are omitting other cultures because they are not that problematic. We do not see many other cultures manifesting... Where the problem is, it is about the fact that we have the freedom to express our opinion, and express our point of view. I would say that I am quite ambivalent on this topic. The only ‘’bad ‘’thing is that we are so focus on this controversy subject that will probably end nowhere , we are maybe missing important facts and downplay the importance of the bill that we are still not rid of, but who talks about it?

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