Changing the way of playing the game

by mike_parent on October 30, 2013 - 11:24am

With the new rules of the NFL this season on high hits, coaches from around the league are concern that low hits will occur more often and that players are also in danger of career ending injuries with those hits to the legs. Also players do not play like they use to play, in a sense that if a receiver is trying to catch the football and the defensive player can stop him by hitting him in any ways, he can’t because of all the things that goes through his head on whether it’s a legal hit or not. The mentality of players are affected by those rules that are there to protect them.

I think that it is a great thing to add rules to protect the athletes in a contact sport like football. I am a football player and for my part I can tell you that some hits are vicious on the field but referees cannot always see them, but the change of rules can open their eyes and make the player also more aware of the consequences of a big hit.


Exactly, if rules were to be as if you're allowed to hit anywhere it would be close to rugby, but even that sport has rules. The important part about the hits are extremely important. If the players were to randomly tackle and not focus and think before hitting they would injure themselves as well as the other player. thus leading to what you said witch would be dumb and career ending for some players

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