Bullying outside the field

by mike_parent on September 25, 2013 - 12:14pm

The complete Union High School football team was suspended from all football related activity on Friday. The suspension is due to cyber bullying. The team’s head coach, Matt Labrum found out that couple of his players were bullying another student through a social media. The website, ask.fm, is a page where you can block your identity by using a username, but the coach did not manage to find who were bullying but it surely was one of the football player.

The team had to give back their equipment and gear to the school because there was no football team in the school. After meeting individually with their coaches the players apologized to the other student, not long after the coach came up with the idea of suspending all of his player to bring them back on the right path. Even though the suspension was only a day, the entire team still has to do some community service during the week to make sure they understand that bullying someone is not a good thing to do.   

In my opinion it is a great way to prevent athletes to bully other student. It might seems a lot for the thing one of the players did but when you are part of a team your actions on and off the game is directly connected to them. There is bullying in sports, it’s part of the game but it does not have to be everywhere. On the football field there is a lot of bullying and intimidation is a big aspect of the sport but football must know to keep this on the field only.



I totally agree with the head coach decision of suspending the football team. Just like you mentioned when you are part of a team actions you do outside the field can affect your team! I personally believe that football is the sport with the best discipline. Boys on a football team are like brothers, they stick up to one another and the community work they received is extremely important. It makes them better as a team to modify their academic results, and attitudes in class. All around I believe that having discipline like the coach did to his boys in the article you've written about is extremely important in a team. Without discipline, a team cannot have good team work and some players actions affect other players and all that affects the game of the team when it comes to game day. Here is an article Coaching with discipline : http://www.examiner.com/article/coaching-with-discipline-understanding-d... that talks about how discipline is important to unite a team and understanding how its used in the sports team.

I completely share your point of view in this situation, I think that in this case the Coach made the right decision in suspending the football team because bullying should not be tolerated. Although the suspension wasn't that long, I bet it did impact these players and took this matter more seriously. What these football players did to one of their team mates was unacceptable, when you're part of the team your supposed to look out for each others back and act like family. Once the coach decided to suspend them all he put everyone back on their feet - he showed them good discipline as @mathiebgervais mentioned, and shows that everyone should be respected.

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