Bullying in distance

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Bullying has always been in our society. It is the act of intimidating, abusing and making fun of someone. Nowadays, with the new technology there has been a new way to bully people. It is possible to bully people without even touching or knowing that person. I will talk about this serious issue that a lot of people are suffering.


1st article:

In this article, “Confronting Cyberbullying and exploring the use of cyber tools in teen dating relationship”. The author talks about how cyber bullying has a lot of negative effect on the people especially the teenagers and about how cyber tools are used by a lot of teens in relationship and its impact. It explained in this article that it is very easy to cyber bully someone on the internet on their looks, their race, etc. The author explains to us different types of bullying, the frequency of cyberbullying and also cyberbullying among teens in dating relationships.


2nd article:

In this article, it talks about the Canadian federal government pouring more money into cyber bullying and sexual violence. They announced this project at the Ottawa police headquarters with the minister of Labour and minister of status of woman, Kellie Leith where she said that they will help fun project against cyber bullying and sexual violence. Also, the author quoted parents who has lost their child in bullying proves us that cyber bullying is a really serious matter.



Their relation

The relation between articles is that they both talk about cyber bullying. The first article explains a lot about how it works and how it affects the people. The second article talks about the Canadian government will pour more money into projects to stop cyber bullying which is a good thing. Also,the first article talks about the consequences of the cyber bullying and the second article talks about how we solve them. By pouring more money on it will certainly help to reduce the cases of cyber bullying since there is going to be more protection.



Annotated Bibliography

1st article:

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This article talks about how cyber bullying works and it how it can be harmful to the people. It also explains how cyber tools like texting and tweeting are part of the teenage relationship. The author seems to only publish 1 article and it is the article that I am currently for the blog post.

2nd article:

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This article summarise measures taken by a federal government in order to solver cyber bullying. The government will try to invest more in order to stop cyber bullying. The author, Danielle Bell is a crime reporter in Ottawa sun.


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