BP Oil Disaster: 3 years later

by Zoe.Papadatos on October 23, 2013 - 11:40am

3 years ago, the Gulf of Mexico was damaged by an oil blowout. British Petroleum (BP), the corporation responsible for this disaster, provided Al Jazeera with a statement of which a portion read: "Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is among the most tested in the world, and, according to the FDA and NOAA, it is as safe now as it was before the accident." However, interviews with the locals prove otherwise.


"It's disturbing what we're seeing," Louisiana Oyster Task Force member Brad Robin told Al Jazeera. "We don't have any more baby crabs, which is a bad sign. We're seeing things we've never seen before." Furthermore, there have been reports of seafood deformities and fishermen have gone out of business since the overall seafood catch has greatly declined. Fish have been found to have tar balls in their stomachs, tumors, and physical deformities (such as missing eyes, one owner of a seafood business says). The effect of the oil spill has reached several shores such as (among others) Louisiana, Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay and Mississippi, where they are finding tar mats that have washed up on the shore. Meanwhile, BP is washing their hands of the mess they have created. "BP is mounting an aggressive legal and public relations campaign to shield itself from liability and minimise the amount of oil spilled in the Gulf, as well as the ongoing impacts from the disaster," said Jonathan Henderson, an organiser for the Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental group. Furthermore, they have been spending money on commercials to advertise how much they have (supposedly) helped the Gulf of Mexico restore its ecosystems they impacted.


There is nothing more I could say that isn’t already obvious. BP must be held liable for the disaster that they have created. They have, to a certain extent, in the money sense. They have paid for damaging the businesses of fishermen in the areas affected by the oil spill. However, they also should be held accountable for the countless lives of the creatures they have destroyed. Instead BP has decided to free themselves of responsibility so, as we’ve seen before with corporations like ExxonMobil, they will probably get away with it.



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