Black pearl

by m-a.soucisse on September 25, 2013 - 11:42pm

Our world as often been referenced as the blue pearl.  It's majestic oceans which take up a majority of the space, are the reason for the name it as been given.  A question remains: is the blue turning black?  Our water is being polluted greatly, and the color scheme is changing.

The link below are some water quality statistics.  It gives actual goosebumps.  We're talking about 2 million tons of sewage and industrial filthy water is being produced every day,  the equivalent of the weight of 6,8 billion people.  Also 778 million people practice open defecation which contaminate our water.  Click the link for more, but what have we done to our world?  I feel like a few years down the road, we will no longer have any clean water to rummage for our survival.  Water's bad quality is responsible for the death of millions of children every year, and we consume and pollute the clean water they will never get to have.  It's sad that our every day habits affect the lives of others this way.  Quebec is lucky because it is filled with good treatable water, which other countries will one day be begiing for.  But like everyone, we pollute this water with our sewers heading down lakes and our plants rejecting it's nuclear waste in the natural ecosystem of fish and underwater amphibious animals.  When will we learn to save our planet?

I want to end by a picture of the BP spill, which I think really illustrates our waters literally turning black.


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