A big problem in India

by fangjun9608 on September 11, 2013 - 12:38pm

So, this article caught my attention immediately because it is interesting. I think that it is unfair for the women’s in India because they are not respected.Women should be equally respected like men and these kinds of things is inacceptable.




In this article, a young 23 years old woman got raped and murdered by 4 boys. This case shocked the whole India and many people started to protest in order to bring the murders to justice. This all happened at night when she went to see a movie with a friend. The murders tricked them into a moving bus. They beat up his friend and raped her. They penetrated her with a metal rod which caused her to die two weeks later. This particle event shocked the whole India because the laws against rape are not strict enough. Apparently, the women are getting blamed for complaining publicly if they get sexually assaulted.Statistics says that every 22 minutes there is a woman is being raped in India.



After reading this article, I feel that the world is incredibly scary. I also know that India is not the only country who doesn’t respect the women. I think that in certain Arabic countries where the polygamy is accepted and where the women who get sexually assaulted is the one who gets blamed for showing herself out to other men. Personally, I think the authorities needs to do something about these kinds of thing but it troubles the people in the country.








I am in complete agreement. They are being raped and then blamed for it because apparently they are "inviting" it. People have started to propose that parents teach their children to avoid dressing in suggestive manners. Maybe those people should be teaching their children not to rape! Too many women are being violated in India without anything being done about it, and violations don't only mean rape. Parents are marrying their young children off to older men and they are expected to simply accept it. I suggest you watch a movie called "Water" (2005) about a group of widows that are forced into poverty. Here's a link to the imbd page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0240200/

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