Benefits of playing video games

by paul_mariuta13 on August 28, 2013 - 12:10pm


Many, especially parents, consider that playing video games doesn’t bring you anything good. They would be surprised to know that playing video games on a regular basis can bring you some noticeable benefits.

One of the main paybacks of being a “gamer” is that it increases your brain skills, such as your memory. Some games, like point-and-click adventure/mystery games, can require you to remember what you did at some point in the game in order to progress. Your logic is also greatly developed while playing video games, particularly when you play puzzle games where you have to think on how to solve a problem. Moreover, your vision improves by a perceptible amount as you stand in front of your television and stare at the screen, which is a funny thing to say since looking at a monitor for too long can damage your eyes. However, considering how fast-paced video games can often be, your eyes are constantly focused on what happens and thus, not only you get used to observe more cautiously in your daily life, but you also augment your reflexes. Furthermore, videos games allow you to take a break from reality and relax, something very important nowadays since everyone is so stressed.

As I can be considered a gamer too, this subject is very significant for me. I hope you now see that there can be positive aspects into playing video games as well.


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