Australia's alcohol problem!

by mathieubgervais on November 13, 2013 - 7:52pm


Alcohol consumption in sports is a major issue across the world, but the country of Australia seems to have a bigger problem with the issue and for what reasons?  The peer reviewed article can help answer this question. Alcohol consumption in Australia is a major issue and the article blames it on alcohol sponsors in sport events. They say that it’s not even alcohol that sponsors sports any more but sports that sponsor alcohol. When a sporting event take places, millions of dollars from alcohol companies are spent to advertise their products which it extremely harmful for players, fans and young kids viewing these ads. The advertisements are made to influence viewers to buy their products eventually creating alcohol problems in Australian society. Even at a young age kids are exposed to alcohol ads and studies show that the following year of exposure, the kid is tended to consume alcohol and the year after that his consumption increases even more. This matter has created a negative message throughout Australian society that sports and alcohol is a natural thing and one come with the other. The problem has become so big the health institutions and people against alcohol sponsors have tried to ban alcohol advertisements for the common good of people. But debates say that without the sponsors where would sports get their money?

²Push to ban alcohol ads on the field² talks about alcohol research and education foundation putting pressure on politicians to act on the problem of alcohol advertisement during games and on television. The government isn't doing enough to change the problem of alcohol in Australia, even that 74% of participants from a survey say that alcohol in the Australian society  is a major issue and they want to see something done about it. The foundations of alcohol research and education have made a plan to diminish the danger of alcohol for the best of young kids and Australian community. They argue that alcohol commercial should be removed from television during the day and only be televised after 8:30 P.M.  With the hard work of foundations and some Politian's on trying to diminishing sponsors of alcohol and fix the dangers of it, Alcohol companies speak against them and say that without their ads sports wouldn't have any money and crash. Which wasn't the case when tobacco ads were removed from sports.

Both articles talk about the same topic of alcohol advertisements in sports and their effect on Australian citizens. It is clear after reading both of these articles that there is a major issue in Australia with alcohol consumption influenced by alcohol advertisements televised in sports events. The first article talks more about the issue and the second article pushes more towards fixing the problem. Actions must be taken to change the problem and make Australian citizens aware of the dangers of alcohol and limit their exposure of alcohol advertisements.