Are we food addicts?

by m-a.soucisse on September 18, 2013 - 11:59am

According to a recent study, one in 20 Canadians meet the criteria a food addict. Well, that is according to a team of researcher’s in Newfoundland.  Should we be worried?

 Well first off you should know that a food addict is someone who is obsessively overeating.  Someone that will go out of their way to eat something in particular even though they already have other food at home.  Let’s say that after class, I decide to go to McDonald’s and get myself a big juicy BigMac for lunch, rather than eating last night’s spaghetti leftovers.  That would be considered as a symptom of food addiction.  Now the study suggest that people that show more than three symptoms are food addicts.  So Newfoundland’s Memorial University conducted a study on 652 Newfoundlanders, and showed that 5.4% of them were considered to be food addicts.  The study was conducted on 415 women and 237 men and arrived at the conclusion that one in 20 Canadians is afflicted of food addiction and supports that obesity in Canada is on the rise.   

I have many issues with this article and the study itself.  First of all, I believe that it is incorrect to say that one in 20 Canadians is a food addict.  The study is conducted in Newfoundland only.  What about the other provinces?  Eating habits a lot from one province to another.  Would it be fair to say that the western provinces like British-Columbia, who by the way, are very picky eaters, would eat the exact same way the Eastern provinces do like Quebec and Ontario?  There’s clearly more to Canada then Newfoundland.  Next we know that the study was conducted on 652 people.  With a population of nearly 35 million people, isn’t fair to say that 652, is quite a small sample?  Finally, the icing on the cake is that the study was conducted on more women than men.  It poses a gender issue knowing full well that men don’t have the same eating habits as women do.  So the study was kind of a bust and should be remade on better basis, but it brought up a good point:  obesity in Canada.  My take on it is that there is a lack in physical activity and our eating habits are decrementing, however going on panic mode is unnecessary.  Solutions are already in action and more of them will come through time, well at least I hope so.


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