Apple Is Taking Advantage Of Us

by maxime.rousseau on September 18, 2013 - 7:21pm


Soon, iPhone 5c and 5s will be released. This will create a real change in the world of cellphones and technology. It will also affect the protection case industry that will be able to make billions of dollars by protecting phones. Apple took that opportunity and decided to make their own official cases.


The giant of electronic Apple decided to sell these cases for 29$ for the silicon ones and 39$ for the leather ones. The approximate costs of production of these products are around 2-3 $. They will make billions just by selling an official product just by the fact that people want a branded product. This will affect the case industry and add another sharer in the market.  The article I read about has some pretty good arguments about why the company takes advantage on us and he had some reliable sources (link at the end of the text)


It makes no sense: how could a product worth 2$ can be bought 40$ just by the fact that there is a logo of an apple. The company is clearly taking advantage of their brand mark. This is working for the moment but I don’t know what will happen to Apple products if prices stay at a high level and the demand drops. I think the moment they won’t improve as much as they do their company will fall. It will do the exact same thing as Research in Motion (blackberry). This link is explaining the strategy of Apple of getting in the case market:


I don't really think that those cases for iPhone 5c and 5s will seem really appealing to the customers. Nowadays, when case find some great quality protective cases for way cheaper than 30 or 40$. Apple's cases don't have any special features like other brands making waterproof cases, or cases including a battery pack. Apple should not revolutionize the cellphone case world or beat the number one case brand in the game right now; Otterbox. Still, the case industry is very lucrative as the number of smartphones in the world keeps increasing, and Apple will sure make a lot of money out of it even if they are not number one.

I think the same way as you are thinking. Apple will finish by getting all of our money. Their products are mainly  expensive. Now they create cases who can't be as protected as other products, like OtterBox cases.  We will pay higher prices only for the brand, it's ridiculous. They sell their products at least ten times more than what it cost to produce them. And who gets the profit, it's Apple.  We must not buy for the brand. We should think about the real price and the quality of the case before buying it. It's sure that the case industry will be affected. If you like Apple, you'll have all the products you can buy of them for the brand and the image that it gives to you. Other industries will decrease. That's why Apple is taking all our advantages. As we can see below, two great brands LifeProof And OtterBox joined themselves. They combined the waterproof and the protective qualities of the two brands to get the best one. I think it's more clever to spend on this brand than on Apple's cases.

I agree with you that Apple is taking all our money. When we buy an iPhone an iPod or any Apple product, 6 months later it's a miracle if it's still the latest one. They're always up to something new and they know we will buy it, why? For the name, the brand, for APPLE.
It's absolutely true, we always want the latest version of the product we have, but is it just for Apple? Consumers buy brand because the relate to it, they love it and they love the fact that they feel like they are a part of the product. It's the same for other companies.
Think about what you wear. Many clothes have brands name. Like Tommy HIlfiger, Micheal Kors, Guess etc. You can find the same t-shirt at a general store like Simons, who is not a brand, and you're going to pay five time less. Obviously, we don't choose the Simon's one, we prefer to pay 70$ instead of 15$ just to have the brand name on the tag inside of our shirt, where people don't even see it.
So iPhone is not the only one that take advantage of consumer, many other brands do the same. We don't notice it all the time because we're use to it. It's that popularity that cause expensive price. Think before you buy and you can save a lot of money.

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